a leather thong for throwing stones

weapon (ranged)

Damage: 3B
Ranges: 20/40/80
Strength: 2
Size: N/A
Cost: N/A
Special: 9-Again


A sling has a small cradle or pouch in the middle of two lengths of cord. The sling stone is placed in the pouch. The index finger is placed through the loop, the other string has a tab that is placed between the thumb and forefinger. The sling is swung and with a flick of the wrist the tab is released at the precise moment. This frees the projectile to fly to the tangent.The sling derives its effectiveness by essentially extending the length of a human arm, thus allowing stones to be thrown several times farther than they could be by hand.

The sling is very inexpensive and easy to build. It has historically been used for hunting game and in combat.


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