a dagger used by Roman soldiers as a sidearm.

weapon (melee)

Damage: 1L
Size: 1
Cost: 1
Special: Wide Blade 1L Automatic Damage

Damage: 1L
Range: *
Strength: 2
Size: 1
Cost: 2
Special: Unwieldy. The Pugio was not made to be thrown -2 to throwing dice pools.

Short range is character’s Strength + Dexterity + Athletics-4 × 2
Medium is 2x Short
Long is 2x Medium


Like the gladius, the pugio was probably a stabbing weapon, the type said to have been preferred by the Romans. Of them, late Roman writer Vegetius, says:

A stroke with the edges, though made with ever so much force, seldom kills, …. On the contrary, a stab, though it penetrates but two inches, is generally fatal. … the body is covered while a thrust is given, and the adversary receives the point before he sees the sword. This was the method of fighting principally used by the Romans …

Vegetius may be overstating this point however, as there are a number of surviving Roman depictions of soldiers slashing with their weapons, as well as stabbing with them.


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