Lorica Segmentata

Banded armor


Rating: 2/2
Defense: -2
Cost: 3


A type of laminated or laminar armour (metal strips fashioned into circular bands). The armour itself consists of broad ferrous strips (‘girth hoops’) fastened to internal leather straps. The strips are arranged horizontally on the body, overlapping downwards, and they surround the torso in two halves, being fastened at the front and back. The upper body and shoulders are protected by additional strips (‘shoulder guards’) and breast- and backplates.

The form of the armour allows it to be stored very compactly, since it is possible to separate it into four sections. The fitments that close the various plate sections together (buckles, lobate hinges, hinged straps, tie-hooks, tie-rings, etc.) are, however, made of brass.

Lorica Segmentata

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