In 56 BC Julius Caesar has conquered Gaul. Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus runs Rome as a Consul. Two great conquerors once joined in a secret triumvirate with the wealthiest man in Rome Marcus Licinius Crassus. But Crassus lies dead in Parthia and the delicate balance held between the three men lies broken on the battlefield where he lies. In Rome, noble, freedman, and slave alike begin to whisper that a great change is on the wind. Rumor has it Caesar is on the march toward Rome.

Below the cobbled streets of the Seven Hills creatures of darkness stir. Propinqui, the Roman Undead, sense a chance to consolidate great power. Each day more of their kind hide in the catacombs and sewers beneath Rome. With the threat of war and the threat of a new world order looming they begin to scheme to create an undying society.

A new clan rises along with their living descendant.

This is the glory of Rome. As above so shall it be below.

Rome Ascendent